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USWEBDAILY.COM (04/12/2015) – The newly revived and rejuvenated,, is more than just Back Online. We offer you a number of news and information categories to choose from, with many more coming. At this writing you will find links in the main menu and side menu that will take you to several initial categories: General News, Information, Movies & TV, Music, General Sports, and Technology. We’ll be adding to those starter categories as the new website continues to take shape.

USWebDaily Fingers On Keyboard.As we had broken down the overall information available in the older version of, we expect to include as many, or, perhaps more, of the categories we had before. Some of those we will be adding to this new version of the site in the not too distant future, include, Politics and Government, Commentary & Opinion, World News, National News, and a few others, and a planned further breakdown of the General Sports category, etc.

In the meantime, the in-between time, use the links to the categories you are interested in reading news and information about from the listings in the Main Menu toward the top of every page, or the listing in the Right Side Menu on every page. When new categories are added as we continue to rebuild our new website, the new categories will be included in those lists with links to get there, as well.

Speaking of links: One of the really great things about the old, was the ability to read more about the summarized or shortened version of each of the stories gathered from news sources around the world. We are continuing that feature in the new version. Each of the shorter versions of the articles have links to the source so you can read more about it, if you wish, just like before.

Thanks for stopping in to learn more about the newly improved We’re striving to Be Stronger, Faster, More Reliable, and Even More Useful Than Ever. We’re looking forward to become your on-going tool to knowledge so you can be an Aware and Informed Citizen, Ready to Take on Your World and all of it’s Surprises, and wonderful promise.

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USWebDaily Website Page Views.

140 Quality News Sources Updated Every 15 minutes

USWEBDAILY.COM (11/04/2015) – With the addition of the latest batch of reputable news and information services, now gains new articles from 140 newsrooms every 15 minutes. All news and information websites are vetted before they are added as reliable sources of real news and true stories with truthful truth. Some of the most recent to be added to the news stable are Motor Trend; McStreamy; Poynter; VOX; TVLine; WBBM-TV, Chicago; Clik2Go, KETV-TV, Omaha; and WEWS-TV, Cleveland.


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