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  • Laing’s Journey
    Laing gazes across a salt field on the ancient bed of the Great Salt Lake, Utah.Hamilton Mack Laing’s way was rutted. Clay mud lined with the tracks made by car and wagon wheels had dried, hindering the passage of his Harley-Davidson. “We rode the combs till we fell into the ruts,” he wrote, “and when we got wedged there we heaved out and started again.” He had found his nemesis on Nebraska roads. The mud he encountered either consisted of dried ruts where “the machine stuck fast on the combs and the engine raced helplessly” which meant pushing out by hand, or of a “soupy liquid” where “the wheels would not grip; each wheel insisted on picking its own route.” Canadian writer and naturalist Hamilton Mack Laing was not an average two-wheeled traveler. Although George Wyman had become the first to cross the U.S. on a motorcycle back in 1903,… ..... Read More.
    RIDER MAGAZINE – Motorcycles | Sports & RecreationSat, December 22, 2018
    4 weeks ago
  • 2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | First Ride Review
    The 2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE is a fully off-road-capable motorcycle with classic retro styling. (Photos by Kingdom Creative)Scramblers are hot right now, with well over a dozen models available from five different manufacturers. With rough-and-ready retro styling, the appeal of scramblers–that freewheeling, desert-racing spirit of the ’60s, embodied by the King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen–is hard to deny. Most modern scramblers, however, are street-oriented models that talk the talk more than they walk the walk of off-road capability. Triumph’s Hinckley-era, Bonneville-based scramblers, starting with the air-cooled, 865cc Scrambler produced from 2006-2016 and continuing with the liquid-cooled, 900cc Street Scrambler, are more suited to pavement than dirt. But that changes with the introduction of the Scrambler 1200. Rather than just a styling exercise built around the larger 1,200cc parallel twin, Triumph created a full-on adventure bike with classic minimalist styling. No windscreen, no bodywork, just a steel tank, a… ..... Read More.
    RIDER MAGAZINE – Motorcycles | Sports & RecreationFri, December 21, 2018
    1 month ago
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