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  • The Uber and the frog
     How the mighty are fallen. Travis Kalanick is out, and Uber has become something of a headless horseman, with no current CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, VP of Engineering, or general counsel. Its alleged valuation has fallen by $18 billion and counting. How did this happen? Or maybe a better question is: how could this not have happened? It really wasn’t so long ago, believe it or not, that Uber… Read More ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologySun, June 25, 2017
    51 mins ago
  • What it will take for cybersecurity to become common sense – CNET
    Changing your password needs to become like washing your hands after the bathroom -- a habit. We’re a long way off from that. ..... Read More.
    CNET – General | Internet & TechnologySun, June 25, 2017
    2 hours ago
  • Australia wants Five Eyes to squeeze tech firms on encryption
     The political rhetoric against strong encryption continues to crank up. Reuters reports today that Australia will be pushing for greater powers for countries to tackle the use of encrypted messaging services by terrorists and criminals at an upcoming meeting of ministers from the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence network. Read More ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologySun, June 25, 2017
    3 hours ago
  • Niniane Wang: Days before scandal broke, Binary’s Justin Caldbeck “tried to us...
    What a difference a day makes. When Binary Capital’s Justin Caldbeck was first exposed as a serial predator by The Information, he issued a statement that was, frankly, breathtaking: “I strongly deny The Information’s attacks on my character. The fact is, I have always enjoyed respectful relationships with female founders, business partners, and investors” he said. Binary was equally dismissive, describing the reported behavior as “a few examples which show that Justin has in the past occasionally dated or flirted with women he met in a professional capacity.” Just hours later, though, Caldbeck and Binary had completely changed their tune: “The past 24 hours have been the darkest of my life. I have made many mistakes over the course of my career, some of which were brought to light this week. To say I’m sorry about my behavior is a categorical understatement… The Binary team will also be taking… ..... Read More.
    PANDO – Tech News & Views | Internet & TechnologySat, June 24, 2017
    10 hours ago
  • Houzz raises a huge $400M round at a $4B valuation
     If you ask investors in Silicon Valley about Houzz — an app where you browse ridiculously nice homes and check out interesting interior design ideas — they’ll probably quietly mutter that they’re just growing their business. We really don’t hear about Houzz’s business that often. Except now the company says it has raised $400 million led by Iconiq Capital,… Read More ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologySat, June 24, 2017
    13 hours ago
  • Taking a ride in MIT’s self-driving wheelchair
     Over the past few months, CSAIL’s (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) self-driving wheelchair has become a familiar sight around the MIT halls. It’s a nice little rolling advertisement for the lab’s work — and more importantly, it’s a great opportunity to test the mobility device in a real world setting. As students wander by in groups,… Read More ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologySat, June 24, 2017
    15 hours ago
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