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  • Seriously, What Are You Supposed to Do With Old Clothes?
    In February, I ran out of hangers. The occasion was not exactly unforeseen—for at least a year, I had been rearranging the deck chairs on my personal-storage Titanic in an attempt to forestall the inevitable. I loaded two or three tank tops or summer dresses onto a single hanger. I carefully refolded everything in my dresser drawers to max out their capacity. I left the things I wore most frequently on a bedroom chair instead of wedging them into my closet. I didn’t buy anything new unless I absolutely needed it. Eventually, though, I did need some things, and I didn’t have anywhere to put them.Realizing you’ve exceeded the bounds of your closet is a low-grade domestic humiliation that’s become familiar to many Americans. One 2021 survey found that only 14 percent of respondents were completely satisfied with what was in their closets. Everyone else wanted to get rid of… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Technology | Internet & TechnologyWed, August 3, 2022
    2 weeks ago
  • No, I Will Not BeReal
    Clearly, people want something from social media that they aren’t getting. It’s something they think they remember getting at one point, but which is now being held away from them by the machine. Some people describe that disappointment elliptically, saying that they are exhausted by “the algorithm” or by “surveillance capitalism.” What they’re really desperate for is connection without the anxiety of performance. They want something real.They’ll try anything, and right now, they’re trying a French app called, appropriately, BeReal. Created in 2020 and now sitting near the top of the charts in Apple’s App Store (ahead of TikTok, Instagram, and Google Maps), it has taken off in the United States in the past several months. Its official description has a “WARNING” with 10 bullet points. “BeReal is life, Real life, and this is life without filters,” one says. “BeReal won’t make you famous. If you want to become an… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Technology | Internet & TechnologyMon, August 1, 2022
    2 weeks ago
  • The Horrors of No-News Facebook
    In February 2021, Facebook abruptly wiped all of the news from its platform in Australia. The country’s lawmakers were trying to force the company to share its profits with media outlets, and this was the dramatic response. The gambit worked: After a nearly week-long blackout, which extended to pages from Australian nonprofits and government services, the new regulations were scaled back. “A digitally savvy nation woke up Thursday to a shock on Facebook: The news was gone,” The New York Times’ Sydney-bureau chief, Damien Cave, wrote at the time. “More frightening was what remained: pages dedicated to aliens and U.F.O.s; one for a community group called Say No to Vaccines; and plenty of conspiracy theories, some falsely linking 5G to infertility, others spreading lies about Bill Gates and the end of the world.” He described Australians “wandering” around a newsless Facebook, “dazed as if after a flood.”This incident inspired a… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Technology | Internet & TechnologyMon, July 25, 2022
    3 weeks ago
  • What Are Abortion Code Words Even For?
    “If you want to come ‘see my cows’ for the weekend, let me know,” Laurel Ysebaert, the owner of a small Ontario cattle ranch, posted on TikTok in May, as the U.S. Supreme Court prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade. “I can give you a safe space while you recover from ‘seeing my cows.’”You get it. Like many similar videos shared on the platform in the past few months, it was soundtracked by a clip of the song “Paris” by The Chainsmokers, specifically the part that goes, “If we go down / then we go down together.” On Twitter and Facebook, people outside of the TikTok age demographic have been sharing an analogous cartoon depicting two women on a hike through the woods, captioned, “If you are a person who suddenly finds yourself with a need to go camping in another state friendly towards camping, just know that I will… ..... Read More.
    THE ATLANTIC – Technology | Internet & TechnologySun, July 17, 2022
    4 weeks ago
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