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  • Layer gets $5.6M to make joint working on spreadsheets less hassle
    Layer is not trying to replace Excel or Google Sheets. Instead the Berlin-based productivity startup wants to make life easier for those whose job entails wrangling massive spreadsheets and managing data inputs from across an organization — such as for budgeting, financial reporting or HR functions — by adding a granular control access layer on top. The idea for a ‘SaaS to supercharge spreadsheets’ came to the co-founders as a result of their own experience of workflow process pain-points at the place they used to work, as is often the case with productivity startups. “Constantin [Schünemann] and I met at Helpling, the marketplace for cleaning services, where I was the company’s CFO and I had to deal with spreadsheets on a daily level,” explains co-founder Moritz ten Eikelder. “There was one particular reference case for what we’re building here — the update of the company’s financial model and business case… ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologyWed, July 15, 2020
    6 hours ago
  • Jack Ma’s fintech giant tops 1.3 billion users globally
    The speculation that Alibaba’s fintech affiliate Ant Group will go public has been swirling around for years. New details came to light recently. Reuters reported last week that the fintech giant could float as soon as this year in an initial public offering that values it at $200 billion. As a private firm, details of the payments and financial services firm remain sparse, but a new filing by Alibaba, which holds a 33% stake in Ant, provides a rare glimpse into its performance. Alipay, the brand of Ant’s consumer finance app, claims to earmark 1.3 billion annual active users as of March. The majority of its users came from China, while the rest were brought by its nine e-wallet partners in India, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan. In recent years Ant has been striving to scale back its reliance on in-house financial products… ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologyTue, July 14, 2020
    6 hours ago
  • Kobo introduces the lackluster Nia to replace its budget Aura e-reader
    The e-reader category was exciting once — or at least as exciting as one could hope from such a space. It was a vibrant category, with plenty of key players, each looking to outdo one another. But as is the case with a depressing number of verticals, Amazon has largely wiped the floor with the competition. Through all of this, however, Kobo has managed to remain a constant — thanks in no small part to its acquisition by Japanese retail giant Rakuten back in 2012. The company manages to maintain solid market share in a number of countries, including Canada, France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It has managed to maintain this presence, in part, due to so solid innovations on the tech side that have helped keep Amazon on its toes. Image Credits: Brian Heater The Nia, however, is not that. It’s honestly a fairly uninspired addition primarily… ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologyTue, July 14, 2020
    7 hours ago
  • Adam Neumann is back in the shared economy business with an investment in GoTo Global
    Adam Neumann, the controversial co-founder and former CEO of WeWork, has taken a 33% equity stake in GoTo Global, a shared mobility company that operates in Israel and Malta and aims to expand into Europe later this year. Neumann’s family office, 166 2nd Financial Services, invested $10 million into GoTo Global, as part of a $19 million Series B round. As part of his investment, Neumann will be able to appoint one board member on his behalf. Existing shareholder Shagrir Group Vehicle Services, a publicly traded Israeli company, also participated in the round. GoTo Global (also referred to is GoTo Mobility) is mobility-as-a-service company that is aiming to cover the entire range of shared vehicles from cars and mopeds to bicycles and electric scooters. The company, which started in 2008 with a focus on car-sharing, previously raised $3 million in seed funding. It had also secured a $9… ..... Read More.
    TECHCRUNCH – General | Internet & TechnologyTue, July 14, 2020
    8 hours ago
  • OnlyFans: ‘I started selling sexy photos online after losing my job’
    The number of people signing up to sell adult content online has spiked during coronavirus. ..... Read More.
    BBC NEWS – Technology | Internet & TechnologyTue, July 14, 2020
    11 hours ago
  • Could the US or UK be the next countries to ban TikTok?
    With the short-video app already banned in India, Sophia Smith Galer looks at whether the UK or the US could be next. ..... Read More.
    BBC NEWS – Technology | Internet & TechnologyTue, July 14, 2020
    12 hours ago
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