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  • To Silicon Valley’s surprise, Donald Trump has made it uncool to be a sociopath
    “What does President Trump mean for Silicon Valley?” That was the question posed by an audience member at John Battelles's recent “NewCo Shift” tech conference in San Francisco. The event was held under Chatham House Rules so I can’t name the prominent venture capitalist to whom the question was addressed, but I can paraphrase his answer: Silicon Valley thrives on chaos, so the tech industry will profit from the anarchy of a Trump administration. If you’ve ever needed a reason to hate the tech industry, answers like that will get you there in a heartbeat, especially when spouted by an unspeakably rich white dude in a conference room at the St Regis. Precisely how privileged does an industry have to be to watch millions of people threatened with deportation, millions more at risk of losing their health care, never mind the looming threat of World War Three, and still send… ..... Read More.
    PANDO – Tech News & Views | Internet & TechnologyTue, February 21, 2017
    5 days ago
  • What does Mark Zuckerberg actually stand for? Today it’s impossible to tell
    The Mark Zuckerberg I knew in Facebook’s early days was not someone who snowed reporters, mostly because he didn’t know how. He’d answer questions in single words, or sometimes not at all. PR handlers were almost never in the room. But he knew-- even then-- press was something he needed to get better at. So, like the disciplined, self-learning organism he is, he crunching up input on how to get better. Handlers started to appear in meetings. He was coached into doing better keynotes and kept doing them and doing them until it started to take ..... Read More.
    PANDO – Tech News & Views | Internet & TechnologyMon, February 20, 2017
    6 days ago
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