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  • Alleged Jeffrey Epstein sex crime accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell tried to flee from FBI agen...
    Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy investor who was a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, died from what has been ruled a suicide in a Manhattan jail. ..... Read More.
    CNBC – Business | Business & CommerceMon, July 13, 2020
    4 mins ago
  • States sue to block deportation of international university students
    Attorneys general in 18 states sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Monday over a threat to deport international university students enrolled in online-only classes this fall. ..... Read More.
    UPI – United States | United States NewsMon, July 13, 2020
    6 mins ago
  • Expert shopping: Wine glasses
    Everything you need to know about building a smart wine glass collection without breaking the bank. ..... Read More.
    NBC NEWS – Top Stories | U.S. National NewsMon, July 13, 2020
    6 mins ago
  • Sluggishness of Police Reform Feeds Frustration
    Twenty-five years ago, The Los Angeles Times published a two-part investigative series I wrote about fatal shootings by police in Ventura County. The first article quoted both grieving relatives and police officers who themselves were traumatized after the shootings. "My son is dead. I want to know why," said the mother of a 23-year-old who was shot by police after he had leveled an empty shotgun at them. The second article explored the possibility of preventing such shootings through technology, policies, and training. It quoted a county prosecutor who investigated the shootings and who suggested that because so many of the people shot in justifiable homicides are drunk or under the influence of drugs, a reduction in substance abuse might help reduce the numbers of times police have to shoot people. Protests after the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police sent me back to these old news… ..... Read More.
    REASON – Free Minds & Free Markets | This, That and The OtherMon, July 13, 2020
    7 mins ago
  • Jordana Brewster passionately kisses new beau days after filing for divorce from husband A...
    The Fast and the Furious star was pictured on Saturday locked in a passionate embrace with her new man - who appears to be investment CEO Mason Morfit. ..... Read More.
    DAILY MAIL – Top Showbiz Stories | Entertainment NewsMon, July 13, 2020
    7 mins ago
  • John Travolta reveals Kelly Preston battled cancer for two years
    Kelly Preston, the late wife of John Travolta, chose to keep her two-year battle with private and had been receiving treatment for 'some time' before she died aged 57, sources have said. ..... Read More.
    DAILY MAIL – Top U.S. Stories | U.S. National NewsMon, July 13, 2020
    8 mins ago
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